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Kazakhstan chooses 12 most beautiful servicewomen 26 мая 2015, 15:22

Online voting for the most beautiful servicewomen in Kazakhstan has come to an end. It's time to sum up the results.
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Servicewomen winners of the beauty contest. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan Servicewomen winners of the beauty contest. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan

As the names of the 12 most beautiful service women in Kazakhstan have been announced, one is only left wondering what they should spend more time on: training or hairdos.

Surely, all of these women are attractive. And this did not go unnoticed in the Ministry of Defense. In fact, they were so astounded by this, that they decided to have the voting done right on the website of the Ministry!

Considering that a total of 255,725 votes were cast online in a country of 17 million people, it is safe to conclude that the competition received quite an attention.

"Batyr Arular" is the first Kazakhstan competition among female representatives of the country's armed forces and, given the popularity, probably not the last. 123 women from all types of armed forces of Kazakhstan participated, as well as from the central office of the Ministry of Defense. And 12 of them were lucky to be chosen.

Before the official awarding, the contest finalists needed to demonstrate their fighting techniques and combat training. Just to be safe: this is not just some beauty pageant; there is a patriotic agenda behind it.

Does anybody else hear: “Hey, prove your combat readiness, but only if you are pretty!”

Madina Amanzholova with 14613 of votes is among the winners. She works as the head of administrative and economic unit of the Department of Defense of South Kazakhstan Oblast.

Lunara Baymukhametova, who got 12280 votes, serves as guardhouse specialist of the military police unit of the military police detachment of Akmola regional garrison.

9876 people voted for Maria Vlasova. She is a senior specialist of an orienteering team.

Saltanat Gabdollasheva, who received 17307 votes, is the head of a secret military unit.

Bayan Zhaparova works at the Department of Defense Akmola Oblast. 13821 were cast for her.

Gulzada Kamasheva, temporarily serving as chief of unclassified records department at the General Directorate for Accommodation of Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, got 10764 votes.

10684 of the votes belong to Aygerim Karakuchukova, Sergeant at the Finance Unit of the General Directorate of the Military Police of Kazakhstan.

Bota Korabayeva is a senior military expert of a public relations unit at the Department of Defense of Astana. She received 10727 of the votes.

Botagoz Musayeva, serving as deputy assistant of the office for protection of state secrets and documentation support at the Office of Defense Affairs for Sary-Arka district of Astana, captured 16926 votes.

Asem Sekhimbayeva, a senior telephonist of the 48386 military unit, received 11549 of the votes.

Aidai Usenova of the 55765 military unit, got 11336 votes. She serves as the forwarding agent of courier mail service.

A senior officer of the Department of Export Control and Program Documents of the Department for Military-Technical Policies, Alia Khairullina, received 12592.

The 12 contestants will take part in a professional photo shoot for the 2016 calendar. 

Now I cannot wait for a calendar of 12 most handsome servicemen of Kazakhstan. And please, please, can one of the shots mimic Hugh Jackman's bucket scene from “Australia?”

By Dinara Urazova


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