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Kazakh model tells about poor conditions at Miss Bikini CIS 2014 07 октября 2014, 14:26

Oksana Klochkova from Kostanay Oblast who took part in Miss Bikini CIS 2014 has spoken about poor conditions at the beauty pageant.
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Oksana Klochkova, Kseniya Yarullina, Begimai Karybekova and Victoriya Stenina. ©kabar.kg Oksana Klochkova, Kseniya Yarullina, Begimai Karybekova and Victoriya Stenina. ©kabar.kg

Oksana Klochkova from Kostanay Oblast who took part in Miss Bikini CIS 2014 says that conditions and organisation of the beauty pageant was below the standards, Tengrinews reports.

The Kazakh model was awarded the Second Runner-up title at the beauty contest that was held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on August 22.

According to the model, who often takes part in international beauty contests, she was dissatisfied with many aspects of the contest including accommodation, food and the fact that she and the other girls often found themselves in an unwanted company of men.

"It started with the living conditions. Instead of the promised hotel, we lived in leased cottages. The organization level was very low. It was not the first competition for me, and I know how it it supposed to be organized. Girls had to sleep on the floor. Although I was a lucky one and had a bed to sleep in, there were bedbugs that were bit me at night. I am now getting a treatment because the bites caused an allergy," Oksana Klochkova shared in an interview to Tengrinews.

“There were constant dinners with men,” the girl continued, “It was not clear whether they even had any relation to the contest. They (men) constantly brought us to karaoke bars. The men tried to make acquaintances with us. We started calling the organiser immediately, but she just did not pick up the phone. I had to call my director in Kostanay and ask them to interfere,” she said.

Meanwhile, the organizer of the Miss Bikini CIS 2014 beauty contest Ryskul Namazbekova insists that all the participants except the Kazakh model were satisfied with the competition. "This year, the conditions were better compared to the past. There were a lot of issues last year, but this year everything was resolved. What is most surprising, during the contest Oksana’s feedback was good, everything was excellent. In the end of the pageant, she hugged and thanked me. And now she is telling such things. Later she wrote to me as if I was using her for escort services. I am really shocked. I never did any such things. (...) I do not know why she is so angry and speaks so poorly about the competition," Ryskul Namazbekova said.

Writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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