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Karaganda Alabai from Kazakhstan wins World Champion title 03 июня 2013, 15:22

Alabai dog from Kazakhstan's Karaganda city has become the World Champion in his breed at the World Dog Show 2013.
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Alabai dog Alabai dog
Alabai dog from Karaganda city in central Kazakhstan has become the World Champion in his breed at the World Dog Show 2013 and has been included into the top five dogs, 31 channel reports. The tournament participated by 10 thousand dogs from all over the world was held in Hungary. The 2-y.o. Alabai male dog named Utiur was awarded the highest scores by the jury and the audience. Utiur was born and lived in Karaganda dog nursery. "This is a global acknowledge. Karaganda has always been a center of Alabai dogs breeding. A lot of people have Central Asian Ovcharka dogs (also known as Alabai). It has been cultivated and it is the most popular and beloved dog breed in Kazakhstan," curator of show dogs Yuliya Fedotova said. After winning the championship Karaganda's Alabai went on a tour with other winners of the tournament. Puppies of the champion Alabai are in great demand. Orders even come from Italy, Netherlands and the Czech Republic. In 2011 a 1-y.o. Alabai dog called Kadar also from Kazakhstan's Karaganda received a golden award in the junior category at the World Dog Show held in Paris, France. 40 thousand dogs took part in that tournament.

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