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Find Snowboarding: destination Almaty, Kazakhstan 12 августа 2014, 11:51

American snowboarders traveled to Kazakhstan in search of snowboarding and made a film about their travels.
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Photo©snowboarding.transworld.net Photo©snowboarding.transworld.net

American snowboarders from Rome SDS set on a mission of finding snowboarding in places no one thought about. Three destinations had only one reason. Accidently, Almaty, Kazakhstan was one of the destinations the snowboarders chose to visit.

Ozzy Henning, Ian Boll and LNP decided not only to conquer snowy peaks but also snowboard in the cities they have never been to before. Despite a snowy winter, Almaty does not strike one as a perfect snowboarding city from the first glance. But the adventurous snowboarders adapted the city terrains to perform tricks and jumps.

The snowboarders visited Kazakhstan, Aleutian Islands and Norway on their search for snowboarding spots yet unknown to the public. The goal was to capture the expereince and make a film about the unexpected snowboarding places. According to Almaty-based rider Denis Oleinik who was with the team while they were filming in Almaty, the snowboarders arrived to Kazakhstan in January 2014 and stayed a couple of weeks.

Filming. Photo ©Kathleen Leavingstone

“When they were still thinking of where to go a follower from Kazakhstan on Twitter or Facebook suggested them to visit Almaty. Every time they performed tricks or jumps lots of people gathered to watch. All eyes were on them. It is definitely a different level,” Oleinik said.

The Find Snowboarding film will premier on August 21 on TWSNOW.com. Meanwhile, the team posted a teaser video.

During his advetures in Almaty, Ozzy Henning broke his arm. Needless to say, going to a local hospital turned into an experience of a sorts. But the cast and broken arm did not prevent Henning from snowboarding later at Shymulak in the mountains.

Find Snowboarding Teaser from Rome Snowboards on Vimeo.

Reporting by Vladimir Prokopenko, writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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