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Festivities and fireworks in Astana on May 1 02 мая 2015, 01:51

1 May in Kazakhstan's capital is celebrated with more than 200 events and finishes with grand fireworks in five spots of the city.
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Fireworks were the finishing touches of this years' May 1 celebrations in five districts of Astana to in honor of the Day of Unity of People of Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing the press service of the capital akimat.

According to the Department of Culture of Astana, more than 200 events took place in the city on May 1, 35 of which were outdoor events. The grandest event was taking place on Kazakh Yeli square and involved performances of ethno-cultural associations, entertainers and musical bands.

As part of the celebration, festivities in the form of folk festivals were organized near the monument of Baiterek, at Studenchesky park, in the Park of Lovers, in the town square in front of the akimat, on the promenade of Yesil River and on the square in front of Zhastar Palace.

The opening of the ethno-memorial complex “Map of Kazakhstan Atameken" also took place today. The updated miniature map features modern buildings and architectural landmarks of Kazakhstan.

The concert program lasted until 11 p.m. Festivities concluded with fireworks from five spots in Astana. The skies were illumined over the Yesil River promenade, Khan Shatyr, Zhas Batyr stadium in the area of the store Arman, over the square near Music hall restaurant and over the park at the intersection of Abylaikhan avenue and Pushkin street.


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