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Discovery Channel to make a movie on round-the-world voyage of Kazakh yacht 18 октября 2011, 19:22

Discovery Channel is interested in video records of participants of Kazakhstan round-the-world marine expedition Terra Vita onboard Chokan Valikhanov yacht.
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Photo courtesy of the expedition's participants Photo courtesy of the expedition's participants
Discovery Channel is interested in video records of the participants of Kazakhstan sea round-the-world expedition Terra Vita on Chokan Valikhanov yacht, Tengrinews.kz reports. According to one of the participants, the channel is planning to make a movie based on these video records. To meet the requirements the team is going to buy high-quality photo and video equipment. Currently Chokan Valikhanov is half way to Marquesas Islands. “After a short stop at the islands we will start moving again. Our further direction will be most probably Tahiti, where we have to pick up the canvases that have arrived from France,” the expedition participants said. The travelers also told about their new day trip record: 200 miles in one day. Their previous record was 190 miles a day. According to the members of the expedition, a special French-style tuna pie was cooked to celebrate this achievement. The expedition started on September 25, 2007, from Aktau port in Kazakhstan. The yacht made it to the Atlantic Ocean and covered a long way to the Caribbean Sea. Then the project had to be suspended because of the financial crisis. The plan was that the yacht visits 32 countries. The adventurers are planning to come back home by December 16, the day of celebrating 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence. By Roza Yessenkulova

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