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Construction of the Kok Zhailau skiing resort to start in 2013 14 марта 2012, 16:11

The share of the government in the overall investments will make up 25% ($700 million).
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© Yaroslav Radlovsky © Yaroslav Radlovsky
Kok Zhailau skiing resort to be constructed in the vicinities of Almaty, the biggest city in Kazakhstan, will contribute to the effort taken to diversify the economy away from extraction sectors, according to Bakhytzhan Zhulamanov, Head of the Almaty Tourism Authority. “Why don’t we opt for developing the Shymbulak skiing resort already in place? Because the location is only capable of accommodating two parallel slopes with pistes of 30 km long each. The goal is not to launch a Shymbulak-like resort, but rather a resort of global scale (…) with pistes of up to 500 km”, he said. Mr. Zhulamanov also assured that the skiing resort would be environmentally friendly: “without a prior proper environment impact assessment, not a single developer will be able to bid”. The project is to be implemented in three stages: the feasibility study is to be complete by the end of 2012, with the actual construction works from 2013 to 2016. The share of the government in the overall investments will make up 25% ($700 million), with private investments amounting to $2.1 billion.
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