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Chimkent zoo got a giraffe 15 сентября 2011, 12:28

Shymkent zoo purchase a giraffe named Astana.
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Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Shymkent zoo purchase a giraffe called Astana, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing head of scientific-methods department of the zoo Aleksandra Yegorova. According to her, 14-month-old giraffe was delivered from Almaty. Yegorova explained that the animal was named Astana, because “it was born on the Capital Day”. A new animal cost Shymkent zoo 4,8 million tenge ($32.5 thousand). The funds to purchase the animal were allocated by the city administration. According to Yegorova, last time Shymkent zoo had giraffes was over 15 years ago. Besides giraffe, the zoo also got a new blue gnu. Cost of this purchase was not announced.

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