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Astana residents try on flower shoes at AstanaFloraExpo-2015 27 апреля 2015, 06:52

Astana residents and city guests could gain an interesting experience by trying on the shoes made from flowers.
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©Turar Kazangapov ©Turar Kazangapov

Astana residents and city guests could gain an interesting experience by trying on the shoes made from flowers at the AstanaFloraExpo-2015, Tengrinews reports. The unusual exhibition organized by Astana-Expo KS exhibition company and Russian GreenExpo opened in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana on April 22 and lasted until April 24 at Korme exhibition center.

Around 50 companies working in floristry, landscape architecture and design presented their products at the AstanaFloraExpo-2015 exhibition. Apart from domestic companies, well-known brands from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Colombia, Poland, Russia, France and Ecuador took part in the exhibition.

Among them were leading suppliers of cut flowers, plant nurseries, companies engaged in landscape-greenery, landscape design, garden centers, manufacturers of ceramics, wholesale flower companies, floristry studios.

As a part of the exhibition, the third Open Championship of Kazakhstan on Professional Floristry Altyn Gul-2015 (Gold Flower) was held. This year six studios competed for the title of the best florists. The theme of the competition was ArtWedding. Florists demonstrated their skills in three categories: Table for Two - decoration of the newlyweds' wedding table, ArtWedding - a gift bouquet, Bouquet for the Bride - creation of an unique bouquet and accessories for the bride.

Representatives of one of the floristic companies participating in the contest said that all the flowers were ordered from the Netherlands. They learned about the contest a month before the exhibition. "We drew a sketch and ordered the flowers, so that they are delivered on the right date. Today the color of Marsala wine - maroon - is very trendy, and we decided to adhere to this trend. We used anthuriums, carnations and hydrangea, which is considered among the most expensive and beautiful flowers, and also a lot of small flowers," Kazakhstani florist Sayina Taygozina said. "This flower arrangements cost more than 100 thousand tenge ($538.21), the flowers cost almost 100 thousand tenge," she said.

The contestants admitted large panels were hand-made in advance as the competition allowed the participants to prepare inorganic material beforehand. Depending on the competition's category the participants got only a limited amount of time to do the flower arrangements.


One of Dutch companies brought its chrysanthemum to the exhibition. This company creates new sorts of chrysanthemums and sells cuttings of new species, whereas its partner company is engaged in the cultivation of these flowers. At this exhibition alone, Deliflor Chrysanten company introduced around five completely new types of chrysanthemums: Mango, Gagari, Ying-Yang and others. These new species were presented in their home country this spring.

The company explained that every kind of chrysanthemum had its own price, and one could learn about the price of a particular kind at the auctions in the Netherlands. The companies that are engaged in breeding of new varieties of flowers supply them first to the Dutch market, where their price is assigned at the auction. After that, they can sell these flowers around the world.

Famous Dutch florists are also conducting master classes on making flower arrangements and bouquets.

Funny floral shoes were so popular that day, that people were lining up to try then on.

In addition to cut flowers, many companies brought houseplants to the exhibition.

Photos ©Tengrinews.kz

Reporting by Aidana Usupova, writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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