Man lifts and carries camel in Taldykorgan

03 мая 2013, 19:09
Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of
Olzhas Kairatuly from Taldykorgan won a contest called “Tuye Paluan” held in Taldykorgan on May 1, Express K reports.

The Kazakhstan’s multiple sambo champion managed to lift and carry a camel on his back. The sportsman walked almost 15 meters carrying the heavy long-legged load that was constantly kicking, screaming and attempting to run away.

“My father told me that there were batyrs (national heroes) in our family and they used to lift horses and camels,” Olzhas Kairatuly said. So I decided to try myself. And I did it!”

The Taldykorgan batyr received the camel as a gift.

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