Hollywood stars to fight on Kazakhstan side in MMA in Astana

11 октября 2011, 10:42
Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Photo courtesy of kinopress.info
Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Photo courtesy of kinopress.info
Olivier Gruner. Photo courtesy of okino.ru
Olivier Gruner. Photo courtesy of okino.ru
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) with Hollywood Stars show will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan director and one of the organizers of the event Yerken Yalgashev told Tengrinews.kz.

"Actors and sportsmen Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Olivier Gruner have agreed to take part in the show. They will be participating under Kazakhstan's flag against titled MMA sportsmen from Brazil. Jean-Claude Van Damme was supposed to come, too, but refused because of his role in a new movie. Armand Assante also confirmed his participation as a guest,” Yalgashev said.

According to him, the unique show will be held on October 16-18. The prize pool makes $10-15 thousand. The budget is kept secret. “These will be real fights,” he said. “Different film festivals, dancing and other shows are held all over the world. So I decided to make a MMA show. I think it will be interesting.”

Don Wilson was born in 1954 in the United States. He was fond of kickboxing and started acting. He stared in Bloodfist, Ring of Fire and Blackbelt.

Olivier Gruner was born on August 2, 1960 in Paris. He started his professional kickboxing career in France in 1984. After ten fights he became a French middleweight champion. Then Gruner went into modelling and acting. He starred in almost 30 movies and several series. He also has a reputation of one of the most disciplined Hollywood actors.

By Roza Yessenkulova

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