Famous Kazakhstan athlete shows judo throws for music video

01 декабря 2013, 19:51
Marian Urdabayeva. Photo courtesy of  vk.com/marian08
Marian Urdabayeva. Photo courtesy of vk.com/marian08
Famous Kazakhstan judoka Marian Urdabayeva has taking part in the shooting of a music video to a song by Moi Lyubimiy Sputnik (My Favorite Sputnik) band, Vesti.kz reports.

According to the judoka, one of her friends introduced her to the band's guitar player some time ago and he offered Marian to show several holds and throws for the video of their new song. Kazakhstan judoka Dauren Zhaksybekov took part in the shootings as well.

"First they were just going to shoot a couple of throws, but eventually everything started spinning around me. The shooting took place one day before I left for the championship. The video was shot in the Highest Sports Mastery School where I am trainings. Everything was so spontaneous, that I can hardly believe this myself," she said.

"I enjoyed the shooting very much. It was so new, unusual and exiting," she shared.

The 25-y.o. athlete recently won the Kazakhstan Judo Champion title in the -63kg weight division at the tournament held in Ust-Kamenogorsk city.

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