British journalist says Almaty girls all look the same

22 мая 2011, 17:40
Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Lucy Muir (R). Maria Andreyeva©
Lucy Muir (R). Maria Andreyeva©
There are many young women in Almaty who look very much alike because of their identical clothes, reports, citing the famous British Fashion journalist Lucie Muir, who has recently conducted the workshop in the British Council Almaty.

She has come to the conclusion that Almaty girls' style is a classical one. In addition Muir said that she had seen many glam women in the streets of Almaty, who choose their clothes carefully and put a lot of time into their make-up and manicure. “You can feel a strong influence of European fashion here,” she said.

Lucie Muir is one of the most famous British journalist in Fashion. For many years she worked for Vogue, International Herald Tribune, Saturday Telegraph, Financial Times, Harper’s Bazaar.

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