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1 kg apple presented on City Day in Almaty 17 сентября 2012, 16:06

Almaty citizens celebrated the City Day on Sunday, September 16.
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A big aport apple. Photo courtesy of yvision.kz A big aport apple. Photo courtesy of yvision.kz
Local fruit-growers managed to grow a giant Aport apple for Almaty City Day this year. Aport are grapefruit-sized apples with red skin. The breed was brought from southern Russia only 10 years after Almaty city was founded in 1855. The gigantic apple presented at the celebration weights almost one kilogram, Tengrinews.kz reported, citing Mir TV Channel. Almaty city is still widely associated with apples. The suburbs of the city used to be famous for their apple gardens. There used to be a lot of fruit trees in the center of Almaty as well. The famous Aport apples that used to be famous all throughout the Soviet Union have become almost completely extinct and only a few gardeners grow these apples in their private orchards at present. Aport is a large apple. Its’ average weight is 300-400 grams. Some especially large apples used to reached 700-800 grams. The biggest registered Aport apple reached 1.9 kilogram. Almaty citizens celebrate the City Day on the third Sunday of September. The city turned 158 this year. Different festive events are held on the City Day. They included a contest of songs about Almaty city, open air classical music festival, International Doll Festival, Apple Fest and other events this year.

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