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Virus-free potato to hit Kazakhstan market in 2016 23 октября 2014, 21:13

Kazakhstani scientists have developed virus-free potato that will soon hit the shelves of Kazakh stores.
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The first batch of Kazakh virus-free potato will appear on Kazakhstan's market of agricultural producers in 2016, Tengrinews reports citing a research fellow involved in the project Olga Matros.

In 2014, the scientists collected more than five tons of potatoes of the first field generation, as well as almost eight tons of Super Elite class. The former is to hit the market in 2016, while the latter may become available as soon as next year.
The project is funded by a grant for senior and junior researchers provided by the Ministry of Education and Science for technology commercialization.

The first harvest of the potatoes resistant to viruses was collected in 2013. The new varieties were produced by cloning.
The potato is resistant to viral, bacterial, fungal and nematode diseases associated with penetration of small harmful organisms into the plant. Its tubers contain zero level of pathogens. In addition, the product’s shelf life is greater than that of its traditions versions.

At the same time, as emphasized by scientists, the new variety does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
It is estimated that one kilogram of virus-free potato will cost less than 100 tenge ($0.55), which is much cheaper than the current market price of potato.

By Dinara Urazova 

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