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Promising Kazakh startups to be presented in Singapore


Startup Mentor Hugh Mason Startup Mentor Hugh Mason

Five Kazakh ICT startups that won in the competition Kazakhstan Go Global, powered by JFDI.Asia will be presented in Singapore, Tengrinews reports citing the organization committee.

Five Kazakh ICT startups that won in the competition Kazakhstan Go Global, powered by JFDI.Asia will be presented in Singapore, Tengrinews reports citing the organization committee.

The selected projects will be included into a 4-week acceleration program in Singapore (15 November until 15 December). It is described as the first step towards bringing Kazakh businesses onto the Southeast Asia market.

The program is run in partnership with Idea-Lab.kz. This is a community for entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan creating a window for Kazakh startups to Asian markets and the other way around.

The first winner to participate in the acceleration program is PhoneBooth, a mobile app for optimizing expenditures on call-center requests. The program contains a phone directory of banks, delivery services, taxi services and allows making calls directory from the app using Wi-Fi or 3G-network.

Another finalist is Mobiliuz - a platform that provides Internet access from a car and records data from the on-board computer, providing thus detailed information on the state of the car, driving style of the user and fuel consumption. Achieving the best effect is possible by using a special Mobiliuz device. However, working with the platform is possible without the device as well.

Another startup that will travel to Singapore is WoopPay. It is an e-wallet, which allows paying for more than 500 services. The system works in accordance with the laws of Kazakhstan on e-money. E-money in this system are irrevocable and unconditional obligations of a bank.

The fourth finalist is the company named VA3S (Video Analytics As A Service), which deals with developing intellectual systems of video analysis for recognizing vehicle number plates. The novelty of the startup is that the service is provided on the basis of cloud technologies. The information gathered is scalable, available 24/7, reliable and less demanding to hardware resources.

The last winner to be presented in Singapore is Pleaple platform, whose users will be able to develop their interests, including crafts, learning history or philosophy, playing instruments, singing, sports, etc. Users will be able to organize into circles of likeminded people and share knowledge with each other.

In the final two-day maraphon these startups will receive market and technological expertise, as well as recommendations from the mentors of JFDI Asia Elena Arens and Hugh Mason.

As part of Kazakhstan Go Global, Hugh Mason spoke about the similarities and differences between Singapore and Kazakhstan.

First he noted the territorial differences between the two. Indeed, Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world, whereas Singapore is 190th. But in terms of the population, Mason said the divide was not so great: “5 million inhabitants in Singapore and 16 million in Kazakhstan.”

Another important difference is the abundance of natural resources in Kazakhstan and lack thereof in Singapore. "So Kazakhstan has a certain advantage to become a very successful state,” the expert said.

Mason drew a parallel between the courses of development of the two countries, noting that both of them made a big leap in the economy after achieving the independence. Singapore gained independence in 1965 and Kazakhstan achieved it in 1991.

"Singapore and Kazakhstan have parallels in terms of historical background: after the independence the countries made a big leap in the economy. Speaking of history, my friend who lives in Kazakhstan said that Kazakhs think much about their identity. Young people live in a completely different environment than their parents were at the same age. The situation is similar in Singapore, and it's actually a great impetus to the development of people," he said.

By Dinara Urazova

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