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PHOTO: Solar battery yurt present on Astana City Day 08 июля 2012, 13:01

Astana city has been presented with an innovative version of yurt (nomadic tent) called Nomad before the Capital Day.
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The concept-yurt. ©Arman Baymukhanov The concept-yurt. ©Arman Baymukhanov
Astana city has been presented with an innovative version of yurt (nomadic tent) called Nomad before the Capital Day. The presentation of the yurt was held in Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports. The yurt can be assembled in 10 minutes and is a combination of an ordinary tent and a yurt. However, this version of yurt differs from the ordinary one. Its’ frame is made of aluminum (traditionally it is made of wood) and covered with waterproof and fire-resistant coating instead of the traditional felt cover. The author and designer of the project Beket Musrepov says that this modern portable nomadic house contains innovative devices: solar batteries, satellite TV, Internet hub, gas cooker and a fridge. The inventor intends to continue upgrading the yurt in future. In particular the invention will be supplemented with an under-floor electric heating. However, the yurt was displayed without some of its attributes at the presentation. There were no Internet, fridge, gas cooker, satellite TV and solar batteries in the yurt. “It took me several months to create this project. I am attracted by my native country and its traditions so I chose yurt to work on. However, I’ve got some other plans. I will start other projects as soon as I will finish constructing the yurt,” Musrepov said. Kazakhstan costumers have already become interested in Nomad yurt. It is not expected that the yurt will be in mass production any time soon however. But Musrepov is sure that tourists, geologists, archaeologists and rescuers will like the innovation very much. The designer explained that all the component parts of this portable house can be easily fitted into a trunk of a car. “I am sure that some enthusiasts will like our yurt and will use it. I hope that it will become popular not only in Kazakhstan but in other countries, for example, in Europe, as well,” Musrepov said. The projects’ sponsors haven’t given the cost of the yurt and explained that the first sample was made for presentation purposes only. “But it will not be sold any cheaper than $1000,” Andrey Karyagin, Astana pension fund chairman said.

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