Kazakhstan scientists invent space water cleaning system

28 february 2013, 15:38
Kazakhstan scientists invent space water cleaning system - The unit for water desalting. Photo courtesy of Boris Pilat
The unit for water desalting. Photo courtesy of Boris Pilat
Kazakhstan scientists have invented a system for cleaning water from contaminants and salts in space, Tengrinews.kz reports.

To define whether there is life on any of the planets of the Solar system besides Earth, scientists have to study their water that might have organic substances. Water analyzers can very accurately study the organic fragments when the water is free from salts. That's why the water sampled by space shuttles has to be desalted first.

"We are not talking about one invention (of water treatment in space). This is a whole complex that has no equivalents in the world. This is quite a big system. There will be many inventions, about a dozen. The most important in our opinion is to make the core and then add up different things to it. The system's prototype, the first pilot sample, is currently working at our plant and we are recording its data," the inventor Boris Pilat said.

The invention has already got a foreign customer: the Russian Academy of Science. "We have a contract and jointly with our Russian colleagues, we are developing the system that will desalt water samples for analysis. In some time we will take in to Moscow to continue the tests," the scientist said. He noted that his company is the only one that produces industrial equipment for desalting water by means of electrodialysis with superimposed voltage. "I wrote a book a few years ago, the only book in CIS on the subject over the last 25 years. It was published in Russia. Evidently, they read my book and applied to me," the Kazakhstan scientist said.

The Kazakhstan invention may be tested in 5-6 years at the Jupiter orbiter Europe that has ice on its surface. "It (the unit) will sample the ice, melt it and transfer it to the system that removes contaminants and desalts. The liquid will then be transferred into an analyzer for analyses of the organic substances if any," Pilat explained. The invention might also be sent to Mars on board of the Russian space unit Fobos-Grunt-2 in 2020.

According to Pilat, the United State are also developing similar systems. That's why Kazakhstan scientists decided to register their invention. "We have already submitted the first application for the patent and will submit another one shortly. This is our invention, our development. I think there will be 3-4 inventions after we have results of our tests. We are currently at the first stage," Pilat said.

By Aida Abirova

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