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Kazakhstan does not preclude launching Proton on September 30 27 сентября 2013, 21:01

Kazakhstan does not preclude the possibility of launching Proton carrier rocket on September 30.
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©RIA Novosti ©RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan does not preclude the possibility of launching Proton carrier rocket on September 30, Tengrinews reports citing deputy chairman of KazKosmos (Kazakhstan Space Agency) Yerkin Shaimagambetov. “The detoxification has been made by our expert and our Russian partners together. After the fourth detoxification I can say that the works have been successful,” Shaimagambetov said. “Our ecologists recommend us to start a 3-year monitoring of the crash site and in the nearest villages. But we believe it possible for us to approve the launch of Proton-M rocket on September 30.” Deputy chairman of RosKosmos (Russian Space Agency) Aleksander Lopatin said that Russia was not planing to launch Proton without Kazakhstan’s consent. “The source is RosCosmos (that told that to the media) is not an official one, and our management does not know anything about him. We try to stick to the existing agreements. As for the launch without consent, I am requesting a permission to make the launch on September 30,” Aleksander Lopatin said. Speaking of the proposed 3-year ecological monitoring, Lopatin said that it had the Russian company's support. “Our company is ready to take part in the project and fund these works. As for the compensation of damages, our position remains unchanged. We are ready to accept and discuss the (proving) materials that your experts have,” Lopatin said. Kazakhstan wants to continue insisting on a range of issues that are important for KazKosmos, Kazakhstan Environmental Protection Minister said. “First, to continue biological reclamation of soil for improvement of the microflora in this area. Second, to continue the 3-year monitoring. Third, the Ministry of Environmental protection will finish its work and report on the damage caused by the crash of Proton-M rocket in the beginning of October,” the Minister said finishing the meeting. Proton-M rocket with Astra-2E space vehicle that is being readied for the September 30 launch from Baikonur has been delivered to the fueling station for filling. Earlier Russian media reported that RosKosmos was planning to launch Proton-M without Kazakhstan’s consent. RosKosmos has officially notified Kazakhstan of the date of the launch, September 30. By Baubek Konyrov
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