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IBM to help Kazakhstan produce gold 24 июля 2012, 09:13

IBM started cooperating with Altynyau Resources gold-producing factory.
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Photo courtesy of kz.all.biz Photo courtesy of kz.all.biz
IBM, one of the world’s biggest producers and suppliers of hardware and software, as well as IT and consulting services, started cooperating with Altynyau Resources gold-producing factory, The Wall Street Journal writes. IMB's new system will enable the gold producer to centralize and analyze its production data. The modernization will increase the speed of processing of obtained information on mines and increase the investments profits. Thanks to the new system, the company will also be able to speed up its annual financial planning cycle from 2 months to 2 weeks. “IBM system will enable us a chance to quickly respond to changes in gold production and take justified decisions on our mining works,” Head of the Planning and Financial Analysis at Altyntau Resources Ilyas Kazhebekov said.

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