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Cannabis-made army uniform suggested at ideas contest in Taraz 14 ноября 2012, 12:01

One of the participants of Atameken Startup Weekend business-projects contest suggested to use cannabis in making of uniforms for Kazakhstan army.
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Ardak Tlendiyev. Photo courtesy of Soyuz Atameken Ardak Tlendiyev. Photo courtesy of Soyuz Atameken
One of the participants of Atameken Startup Weekend business-projects contest suggested to use cannabis in making of uniforms for Kazakhstan army. The contest was held in Taraz, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of Soyuz Atameken. One of the young participants Ardak Tlendiyev suggested to dress Kazakhstan army in a medical-purpose uniform tailored from cannabis fabric. "In his opinion, this disputed plant has more advantages than disadvantages if used in the industry. For example, first Levi's jeans were made of cannabis-based fiber. First paper in China was also made of cannabis. Moreover, cannabis can also be used to make fuel: cannabis flesh can be processed into wood spirit, methane, ethanol and petrol. Cannabis seeds are edible; they are very valuable and nutritious and contain vegetable fats and proteins. And finally, cannabis contains over 60 chemicals that can be used in medicine," the message states. According to press-service of Atameken, the audience "exploded with applause and cheering" when their heard the idea. "The joy of the young people was understandable: they heard the word that bothering them a lot, because they are also worried about the problem of annihilation of the Chu Valley". The Chu Valley located between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan is the home to an extremely hardy type of marijuana that is a source of cannabis. According to the business-plan, the young inventor needs investments of $30 thousand to implement the project. According to Ardak, the annual income can reach $125 thousand, but the jury reminded him that earlier German investors wanted to build a factory to processing cannabis for production of ropes, however Kazakhstan authorities did not approve of this idea and did not let the foreigners into the Chu Valley. In the end the project did not make it to the final and was not approved. Another interesting suggestion was related to production of cosmetics for mare's milk. According to the inventors, mare's milk has a range of valuable qualities that can be used in cosmetics. The idea was proposed by a young team that runs a business on supplies of kumys (mare's milk). Young businessmen managed to get to the final of the contest but failed to win any prize. However, they received a bonus from Atameken branch in Taraz in the amount of 50 thousand tenge ($333). 74-y.o. Nadiya Aldabergenova and her team presented a high-tech project: a laboratory for testing IT security of systems. She explains that this project is necessary for universities because the latter teach IT security in theory only. She suggested to create a kind of a virtual laboratory for testing security of software. The first prize of Atameken Startup Weekend was awarded to filmmakers of Region series. They suggested a movie about life and culture of people in a small region of Taraz. The cost of one season is $216 thousand. The team received 300 thousand tenge ($2,000) for their idea. The second place was awarded to the project on monitoring of the education process. This system will enable parents to track their children at school and virtually attend their lessons. The team received 200 thousand tenge ($1,333). The third prize was awarded to the idea on production of matches from waste paper and production of sulfur fro the matches from wastes of phosphor-making plants. The idea brought its team 100 thousand tenge ($667).

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