Kazakhstan is keen to use space technologies for peaceful purposes

05 октября 2011, 10:53
Chairman of Kazakhstan National Space Agency Talgat Mussabayev. ©Yaroslav Radlovskiy
Chairman of Kazakhstan National Space Agency Talgat Mussabayev. ©Yaroslav Radlovskiy
Kazakhstan is striving for international cooperation in the use of aerospace and space technologies for peaceful purposes, KazTAG reports citing Chairman of Kazakhstan National Space Agency Talgat Mussabayev.

“Kazakhstan Government is taking stems to develop of the space research. Implementing its space program, Kazakhstan is striving for the joint use of space for peaceful purposes and international scientific partnership,” Mussabayev said in his welcoming speech at the international scientific conference called Independent Kazakhstan: 20 years of development of space research on Tuesday.

Mussabayev noted major efforts in the area of scientific research of both fundamental and applied manner.

“The required land infrastructure is being created. KazSat-2 has been launched and will be operating soon. Works are underway to create a rocket launching complex Baiterek, construction of the national space center in Astana and reserve flight-control center in Almaty oblast has started,” he said.

At the same time the National Center of Space Research and Technologies noted in the press-release that the researches and information provided by the Center’s institutes are successfully used by many state authorities, major companies and educational facilities.

“The Earth exploration data, geodynamic and geophysical monitoring are especially demanded in agriculture, as well as for prevention of emergency situations, monitoring of condition of Kazakhstan's vast territories and development of navigation and communication systems,” the message reads.

The conference is to cover the current state of space researched in Kazakhstan, results and perspectives of near space research, current state and development of astronomic researches, satellite and navigation technologies, role of space projects in industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan, prospects of development of space materials and international cooperation in space activities.

The conference is attended by leading space scientists and experts from Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, France, Japan and other countries, as well as managers of Kazakhstan National Space Agency and officals from the Ministry of Education and Science.

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