Biofuel from bulrush to be produced in Atyrau

29 мая 2013, 14:06
Director General of Ak Kamys Temirali Ayan. ©<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Director General of Ak Kamys Temirali Ayan. ©
An entrepreneur from Almaty Temirali Ayan has decided to produce biofuel from bulrush that grows in plenty near Atyrau at the Caspian Sea, reports.

He has had this idea for several years. First he presented the project to Atyrau Oblast Akim (Governor) Bakytkozha Izmykhambetov and recently he presented it at the 6th Astana Economic Forum.

His project is about production of granulated pallets from bulrush. “Hundreds of hectares of bulrush are burnt annually in Atyrau oblast. The summer fires with their smoke and ash drawn by the wind to the city cause damage to the region’s ecology. For example, there are huge bulrush fields in Kurmangazy region. Those are real energy resources,” Temirali Ayan said.

The businessman was looking for investors to implement his project during the Astana Forum. The cost of the production facility is estimated at 10 million Euro. The Kazakhstan government has promised to provide 50 percent of the amount. Ayan has already purchased 10 hectares of land in Makash village and obtained the state permit to cut down bulrush at the area of 25 thousand hectares.

“During the forum we received support not only from local companies but also by companies from Finland and Estonia that were interested in the project. We have already signed contracts with several Western companies that are potential consumers of our goods. Biofuel is currently very popular in Europe,” Temirali Ayan said.

The biofuel production plant is expected to employ around 100 people. The state check of the project's documentation has been scheduled and construction will start after the documents are approved.

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