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Russian Orthodox Church and Vatican will approve their viceroys in Kazakhstan with local authorities 08 сентября 2011, 13:15

MP Tito Syzdykov told Tengrinews.kz about the draft law "On religious activities and religious institutions" that is currently being prepared for the Parliament’s review.
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Photo courtesy of open.az Photo courtesy of open.az
Russian Orthodox Church and Vatican will approve their viceroys in Kazakhstan with local authorities. Majilis (lower chamber of the Parliament) deputy Tito Syzdykov told Tengrinews.kz about the details of the draft law On religious activities and religious institutions that is currently being prepared for the Parliament’s review. The legislation provisions a requirenment to approve heads of religious institutions with the Agency for Religion in Kazakhstan. “Heads of religious institutions, for example in case of the Catholic Church, are appointed from Rome. The legislation stipulates compulsory approval of such heads with the authorized bodies in Kazakhstan and submittion of documents on the candidates. Orthodox Church in Moscow will have to do the same,” deputy said about the details of the law. Besides, the number of members of religious institutions will be regulated. The parish of a registered religious institution may not be less than 500 members in every oblast. “The law also requires every religious institution to have a charter that will state its goals and tasks, its property and available literature. All that has to pass theological check-up within one year,” Syzdykov told about new legislation. He noted that the goal is not to close any institutions. After adoption of the document each institution will have to submit the required documents to the authorized body (Kazakhstan Agency for Religion) for a compliance check. The Agency will decide on the institution’s registration. “Some of them will have to re-register. This shouldn’t pose much trouble for such major confessions like Orthodox Christianity and Islam. But there are small sects: there are over 200 sects in Islam. They will also have to prove that they do not pursue the objectives of violence, dissolution of families, do not contradict the Constitution, do not promote terrorist activities. Religious institutions will be forbidden to participate in political unions,” Syzdykov said speaking about restrictions. According to the deputy, the main objective of this legislation is to bring all the religious institutions in Kazakhstan into compliance with the rules. Control over institutions will be given to local Departments on Religion. Tito Syzdykov could not give an exact date of adoption of the law, but noted that the law is not very large and could be possibly reviewed and adopted quickly. Draft law will be presented to the Majilis today on September 8.

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