Kazakhstan to launch the first Islamic educational website

12 декабря 2012, 13:54
Galym Shoikin, Vice Chairman of the Agency for Religion. Photo courtesy of kazakzaman.kz
Galym Shoikin, Vice Chairman of the Agency for Religion. Photo courtesy of kazakzaman.kz
Kazakhstan is developing e-ISLAM, an Islamic educational website to be launched early next year, according to Galym Shoikin, Vice Chairman of the Kazakhstan’s Agency for Religion.

“All the current websites dedicated to Islam-related issues are individual websites of some Islamic organizations (…) the Agency for Religion wants to launch a single resource to raise religious awareness of public at large (…) We plan to launch the resource by the end of Q1 2013”, Mr. Shokin told journalists following the round-table discussion on raising people’s religious awareness through Internet-based tools.

The e-ISLAM portal is being developed as instructed by Head of State following the 38th sitting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) foreign ministers August 15, 2011.

“Nowadays more and more young people are turning to Internet-based sources for information on religion-related issues. Many resources breed xenophobia and extremism ideas. e-ISLAM will be teaching the basics of traditional Islam, raising interest to Islamic culture values. One of the major goals will be to shift people’s attention from dubious sources of information.

The website is to be launched in two languages – Russian and Kazakh, with other languages to be added later on. Among other things, the website will contain a special segment for women; this section will cover Islamic clothes, recommendations on raising children.

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