Oscar magic brewing in gritty Chicago factory Oscar magic is brewing in a gritty Chicago factory where the statues soon to be hoisted in victory by the stars of the silver screen are born in a bubbling vat of britannia.
Gabon sees quiet emergence of a middle class Daniel Minkoh flashes a smile as he stands alongside his wife and three kids, proud of his middle-class status in the equatorial west African state of Gabon.
Nepali girls confined by stigma and superstition Isolation is part of a centuries-old Hindu ritual known as chhaupadi that has been blamed for prolonged depression and even deaths in remote, impoverished western Nepal.
Spanish village cashes in, bringing back peseta Amid talk of the euro's demise, shopkeepers have their calculators in hand as they roll back the years to when a different gold coin ruled.
US presidents live longer than average men Gray hair and a wrinkled brow beset most US presidents soon after they take office, but a study said most live longer than average men due to their wealth and access to medical care.
USSR collapse: the earthquake still shaking the world The cataclysmic collapse 20 years ago of the Soviet Union, an empire which bound republics from Europe to Asia for seven decades, unleashed conflict, instability and poverty that are still felt today.
Could Euro contagion doom Obama in 2012? President Barack Obama can do little but watch and wait, hoping a European debt crisis does not leap the Atlantic and doom the fragile US recovery on which his reelection hopes depend.
Japan's rice farmers mull TPP future Osamu Tamaki is one of the few rice farmers in Japan who see an Asia-Pacific free trade deal as a window of opportunity rather than the death knell for a highly cosseted industry.
'Skysisters' fall for skydiving Heather Swan admits skydiving used to terrify her -- it took her about 50 jumps before she stopped feeling sick to the stomach.
How ready is Europe to bail out Italy if needed? With Italy on the brink of financial disaster, the eurozone is being put to the test to erect defences to keep Italy from sinking.
Banana trees in coffee fields to combat climate change In a remote corner of eastern Rwanda, farmer Louis Ntiricakeza hacked at the trunk of one of his banana trees with a small, rusty machete.
Arab Spring inspires repression alongside freedom: report Arab Spring uprisings have inspired repression in many countries as well as protests.
Crisis exposes Europe's cracks The eurozone debt crisis, the worst economic disaster in Europe's history, threatens to drive a rift between non-euro and euro nations.
Through the looking glass: Rio's favela photo school A dozen children holding tin cans rush out of school in a shantytown in Rio. In a moment, they are screaming as a dog lunges after them.
How much is a Nobel worth? A lot more than the prize money The prestigious Nobel science awards are worth far more than the $1.5 million prize money: they can pad a company's coffers with $24 million and even add two years to a laureate's life, experts say.
Some squids do it in the dark, male-on-male The sex life of Octopoteuthis deletron is a cruelly hit-or-miss affair, according to footage of the deep-sea squid in its element.
Bhutan: The costly 'Shangri La' The kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world and a haven for celebrities and the well-heeled.
Ten years later, Asia's 'war on terror' still rages Indonesia captured most of the militants responsible for the 2002 Bali bombings, but it now faces threats from second-generation jihadists.
North Korea seeks adventurous tourists for cruise Authorities in the impoverished nation have decided to launch a cruise tour from the port city of Rajin to the resort of Mount Kumgang.
Hong Kong's century-old trams roll into the future Hong Kong's retro-look trams are as much part of life in the glitzy city as they were a century ago.

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