Cook Islands rediscover the lost art of Pacific tattoo Once banned by Christian missionaries as a barbaric, heathen custom, traditional tattooing is making a comeback in the Cook Islands as locals in the Pacific nation reconnect with their cultural roots.
France melts for marshmallow Marshmallows roasted over a campfire may be a staple of American childhood, but few realise the pillowy treats were invented in 19th-century France, where they are bouncing back into foodie fashion.
Invasive species: The spiralling cost of the enemy within Some aliens arrived as stowaways. Others were brought in deliberately, for fun or profit. And others were so tiny that nobody noticed them until way too late.
New York graffiti haven braces for gentrification Graffiti artists are used to escaping cops, jumping from roofs, and dodging trains, but New York painters who turned an abandoned factory into a street art legend now face their real nemesis: gentrification.
Church hounding of Pussy Riot troubles Russians The dominant Russian Orthodox Church's tough stance against the all-girl punk band Pussy Riot has troubled some faithful and estranged it from the younger generation it must foster for future growth.
150-year-old Bangladesh brothel fights closure Tara Das says she is the fifth generation of her family to work at the same brothel in Bangladesh, but now she is fighting against Islamic protesters who want her business to close.
Chefs reveal eating secrets of world leaders Barack Obama can't stand beetroot, artichokes are off the menu at France's presidential palace and Vladimir Putin does not take any chances with dishes that emerge from the Kremlin kitchens.
Where the world's perfumes come to rest "Here it is, the little wonder, our 'Chypre' from 1917," whispers the cellar-master as he plunges a paper strip into a vial, one of the many treasures at a one-of-its-kind library of world perfume.
China's proud new luxury brands on the rise For many years designer Guo Pei drew inspiration for her luxury clothes collections from travelling abroad, but recently she decided to focus solely on China's culture.
Iraq faces painful legacy of mass graves Iraq wants to put the legacy of murderous dictator Saddam Hussein behind it, but faces a huge need for specialists to excavate mass graves thought to contain at least half a million unidentified victims.
After Islamists, first clinic brings hope to Somali town Amino Mahamoud has been waiting to see a doctor for the past 10 years -- ever since a stray bullet got lodged in her left buttock. It has been there ever since.
A new lease on life for Italy's last cowboys A few dozen horsemen roam the hills and plains of central Italy as the last of the "butteri" cow herders, proudly holding onto a tradition that has survived for 500 years.
Fears as Latin America's largest trash dump closes On a mountain of trash, a man takes a quick break in a sliver of shade before resuming his sorting work in Latin America's largest garbage dump hugging Rio's famed Guanabara Bay.
Finding God -- or maybe just comfort -- in candy Can a lollipop wrapped in a Bible verse help people come to Jesus? Can a piece of chocolate bring a moment of bliss? Or how about just a bit of comfort after a bad day?
Afghan swimmer dreams of London Paralympics Afghan teenager Malek Mohammad balances on his hands, readies his stumps, then dives perilously into the water.
Turkish beauty mag ties Muslim veil to glamour Turkey's first fashion magazine for conservative Islamic women looks set to win the challenge.
Bollywood uses comedy to break fertility taboos A romantic comedy that opens at Indian cinemas this week tackles taboos about sperm donation and infertility, in the latest Bollywood film to experiment with traditionally off-limits content.
Cockfighting in Iraq: a different kind of battle Iraq is no stranger to battles, but this is not one fought with rifles and rockets: when the bell sounds, trainers release cocks Daqduqa and Sammam into the ring.
The arduous art of the chocolate taster First study the colour, then the nose, the structure and taste: as for any good wine, tasting chocolate is both a treat and a serious art, requiring regular practice to fine-tune the senses.
Man vs. Shark: Australia's battle for the deep Rolling from his surfboard, blood gushing from the wound where a shark had just ripped a big chunk of flesh from his thigh, Australian Glen Folkard had just one thought: "I'm alive."

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