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US, EU reject Kazakhstan's proposal to prioritize domestic products in WTO 29 декабря 2014, 18:15

Samruk Kazyna talks about Kazakhstan's accession to the WTO and how it would impact public procurement in the country.
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©Tengrinews illustration ©Tengrinews illustration

Samruk Kazyna commented on how Kazakhstan’s accession to the WTO would impact public procurement in the country, Tengrinews correspondent reports.

According to the holding, the European Union and the United States reacted negatively to the proposal to retain preferences for Kazakhstan-produced goods, even temporarily. In this context, Kazakhstani enterprises are preparing for changes in their work to meet the WTO rules.

"During the negotiations, we have consistently defended the need to give a priority to domestic producers in public procurement bids, at least for a certain transition period. This transition period would have allowed our domestic producers and suppliers to adopt to the conditions of the World Trade Organization. However, taking into account the negative reaction on the part of the EU and the US, we have produced a action plan for implementation of new procurement rules corresponding to the best international practices," they said in Samruk Kazyna.

One of the main novelties is introduction of pre-qualification of potential suppliers. A foreign company with vast experience in the field was contracted to develop eligibility criteria and procedures.

"We believe that the Kazakh companies that pass the qualification will be able to compete with foreign suppliers," they said.

The procedure is still being negotiated. Introduction of the mechanism is planned for 2015, while the public procurement adhering to the new rules is scheduled to begin in 2016.

Kazakhstan's accession into the WTO may take place as soon as January 2016. On December 12 this year the US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed his strong support to Kazakhstan’s entry into the organization.
Reporting by Alisher Akhmetov, writing by Dinara Urazova


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