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Scotland referendum campaigns neck and neck: poll 09 сентября 2014, 15:37

The rival campaigns in the Scottish independence vote are tied with just over a week to go.
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 The rival campaigns in the Scottish independence vote are tied with just over a week to go, a poll showed on Tuesday, confirming a late surge in support for a split, AFP reports.

The survey said the pro-independence side had 38 percent support, compared to 39 percent for the pro-union side and 23 percent who were undecided.

The "Yes" and "No" campaigns were tied on 41 percent each among respondents who said they were certain to vote on September 18.

The survey of 990 people by pollster TNS Scotland follows a shock YouGov poll on Sunday that showed the pro-independence "Yes Scotland" camp edging ahead for the first time, proving it was not an anomaly.

The surprise surge in support for independence, eroding a long-held and substantial lead for the pro-union side, knocked down shares in Scotland-linked companies and sent the pound to a 10-month low.

In the research agency's previous poll a month earlier, support for the union had a 13-point lead, with 45 percent compared to 32 percent in favour of independence.

"This poll reveals a remarkable shift in voting intentions," said TNS Scotland head Tom Costley.

"It is too close to call and both sides will now be energised to make the most of the last few days of the campaign and try and persuade the undecided voters of the merits of their respective campaigns."

The poll indicated support for independence rising sharply among women, and that Scots aged 55 and over were the only group where the "No" camp has a strong majority.

The pro-union "Better Together" campaign said the poll showed every vote would count.

"The last couple of days will be seen as the moment the referendum got real. We know from these polls that there is no room for a protest vote. The vote of any one of us could be crucial and could make the difference between the UK breaking up and staying together," said campaign director Blair McDougall.

The Yes Scotland campaign said the survey was a "breakthrough poll which confirms that Yes has the momentum".


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