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Russia’s Roskosmos Space Agency suggests two scenarios of operations at Baikonur 08 апреля 2013, 13:35

Along the crisis scenario, Baikonur infrastructure will only be supported after 2021 to accommodate individual launches.
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Launch from Baikonur. RIA Novosti © Launch from Baikonur. RIA Novosti ©
Russia may bring its operations at the Baikonur cosmodrome close to zero as early as by 2020, according to Russia’s Izvestia. “Given the tensions over Baikonur in late 2012, Russia’s Roskosmos National Space Agency has submitted suggestions on formulating a new Federal Program to develop cosmodromes in 2016-2025”, the article published April 8 reads. According to Roskosmos, along the crisis scenario, Baikonur infrastructure will only be supported after 2021 to accommodate individual launches. The scenario envisages that “after 2020 there might be legal, organizational and social conditions, wherein operation of launches from Baikonur will be hardly possible”. “Higher pace of developing infrastructure at the Russian Vostochny cosmodrome is the major feature differing the crisis scenario from the basic one. Additional investments are also expected to be channeled to Plesetks cosmodrome”, according to Izvestia. “The basic scenario can be unfolded against the backdrop of friendly relations between Kazakhstan and Russia, with the latter investing into development of infrastructure at Baikonur. In this case the launch complex for Zenith carrier rockets will be refurbished to accommodate trial unmanned launches of the new manned ship currently designed by S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia”, the articles elaborates. The basic scenario envisages opportunities for international programs from Baikonur in partnership with Kazakhstan. As was reported earlier, in December 2012 Kazakhstan’s Government approved of a plan of launches from Baikonur for 2013. The number of launches of Proton carrier rockets has been reduced to 12, which resulted in a conflict with Russia. Back in 2012 the number stood at 14. Besides, Russia’s Foreign Ministry sent a note [threatening to terminate cooperation within all space projects] in response to the newly approved drop zone for Soyuz carrier rockets.
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