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Russian and Kazakh Premiers meet in Sochi 15 июля 2014, 11:44

Russian Premier Dmitry Medvedev has met with his Kazakhstani counterpart Karim Massimov in Sochi.
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©RIA Novosti ©RIA Novosti

Russian Premier Dmitry Medvedev has met with his Kazakhstani counterpart Karim Massimov in Sochi on Saturday, June 28, Tengrinews reports citing RIA Novosti.

The two discussed the Kazakh-Russian bilateral relations and the global economic situation.

“It is a very good opportunity to discuss the current state of the Russian-Kazakh relations, our integration projects, bilateral issues, and to talk about international economic affairs,” Medvedev said.

He emphasised that the overall situation was “as usually, diverse" and was good "to exchange views of this subject for even such close partners as Russia and Kazakhstan”.

Since Massimov could not attend the Sochi Olympic Games Medvedev offered the Kazakh PM to visit the Olympic venues during the visit. “We believe that the Olympic Games went well, so as preparations for them," Medvedev said.

"Considering that you [Kazakhstan] have applied to host the Winter Olympics in 2022 [in Almaty], I think that you will be quite interested to see what we have done here,” Medvedev said as the two Premiers visited Bolshoi Ice Dome for hockey and Adler Arena Skating Center.

On his part, Massimov suggested discussing new arrangements with respect to the agreement signed by Putin, Nazarbayev and Lukashenko on May 29 in Astana. The agreement established the Eurasian Economic Union that comes into force in January 2015. The PM of Kazakhstan noted that "this is a great project, which will bring the two friendly countries even closer together”.

"The peoples of our countries should benefit from this ambitious project," Massimov said.

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