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Russia to solve problems with Kazakhstan by abandoning Proton 29 марта 2013, 15:56

Head of RosKosmos Vladimir Popovkin declared that Proton launchers would be withdrawn from service after 2020.
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Proton launcher. ©RIA Novosti Proton launcher. ©RIA Novosti
Head of RosKosmos (Russian Space Agency) Vladimir Popovkin has declared that Proton launchers will be withdrawn from service after 2020, RIA Novosti reports. “I think that Proton booster will be taken out of service after Angara launcher starts working in 2020,” Popovkin said. Development of the new rocket started in 1995. The plan is to create a whole series of rockets of different classes based on its base block, the URM (Universal Rocket Module). Such rockets will be able to replace Proton. Toxic heptyl is used as a fuel for Proton. It is expected that abandoning this booster would allow Russia to straighten out a range of issues with Kazakhstan that calls for banning these rockets from Baikonur. According to Khrunichev center, the developer of Angara, the first launch of heavy-class Angara is scheduled for 2013.
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