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PHOTO: Nursultan Nazarbayev presented state decorations and awarded the generalship 07 мая 2012, 21:05

A group of militarymen were awarded with Kazakhstan state decorations on the Defender’s Day.
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Photo by  Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
Nursultan Nazarbayev presented state decorations and awarded generalship to several Kazakhstan militarymen, Tengrinews.kz reports from the ceremony in Akorda (Presidential Residence in Astana). A group of militarymen and officers of law-enforcement and national security authorities, who made a significant contribution into ensuring national security and boosting the defense capacity of the country, were presented with Kazakhstan state decorations on the Defender’s Day. The decorations were also awarded to the personnel of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry who showed courage and dedication in extreme situations and saved people’s lives. The total of 101 people were awarded, including the officers of the National Security Commission, Defense Ministry, President’s Security Service, State Guard and Syrbar External Intelligence Service. 3 people were awarded with Dank ("Glory" in Kazakh) First Class decoration, 5 people received Dank Second Class decoration, 2 militarymen got Aibyn ("Bravery" in Kazakh) First Class decoration, 25 people received Aibyn Second Class decoration, 7 people (including 3 posthumously) were awarded with Aibyn Third Class decoration, 9 people received Kurmet ("Honor" in Kazakh) decoration. 8 militarymen got Erligi Ushin ("For Courage" in Kazakh) medals, 31 people received Zhauyngerli Kerligi Ushin ("For Military Virtue" in Kazakh) medals, 9 people were awarded with Eren Enbegi Ushin ("For Labor" in Kazakh) medals. 2 militarymen received Kazakhstannyn Enbek Sinirgen Kairatkeri ("Kazakhstan’s Honored Worker" in Kazakh) honorary titles. First deputy chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Nurlan Dzhulamanov, deputy Commander-in-Chief of Air Defense Forces Askar Buldeshov, first deputy Commander of Yug ("South") Regional Command Forces Sultan Kamaletdinov were awarded generalship. Generalship was also awarded to two officers of the National Security Commission: first deputy chairman of the National Security Commission Vladimir Zhumakanov and head of Analyses and Strategic Planning Department Seitzhan Shalabayev. Director of the Civil Defense Department of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Department Meiram Iskakov and deputy head of the President’s Security Service Kanat Orazkulov also became generals. “This is the highest appreciation of your work. This is a grand and joyful event. At the same time, I think that you have been brought up by the independent Kazakhstan. In these years you passed all the career stages, you grew and achieved the highest military title of a general. Every General must bear high responsibility to the country and to the soldiers who look up to their Generals as if they were their Fathers. Law-enforcement system, made to serve people, also has to be close to people, has to maintain its honor and dignity, as well as the honor and dignity of our Motherland. You have to bear these titles with honor and be a role model not only for junior officers, but for all the soldiers and Kazakhstan citizens,” Nazarbayev said when awarding the General’s shoulder straps. By Renat Tashkinbayev

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