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Nazarbayev speaks of Kazakh statehood, national unity 22 декабря 2014, 16:33

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has spoken about the importance of passing the knowledge of history to younger generations, making the celebration of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh statehood next year especially significant.
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Kerey and Janybek, founders of the Kazakh Khanate. Photo courtesy of astanainfo.net Kerey and Janybek, founders of the Kazakh Khanate. Photo courtesy of astanainfo.net

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke about the Kazakh statehood and the upcoming celebration of its 550th anniversary the coming year, Tengrinews reports citing STV channel.

Kazakhstan will be marking the 550th anniversary of Kazakh statehood in 2015, to commemorate the foundation of the Kazakh Khanate, the first state of ethnic Kazakhs.

At the press conference in Akorda on December 21, Nazarbayev noted the importance of knowing the nation's own history and passing this knowledge to the younger generations.

"There were no borders, enemies were attacking from every side. But our ancestors managed to preserve this land. Probably, when guests come to us, they are wondering: how did the Kazakhs preserve such wide steppes? To answer this question, we must look into the history of the Khanate. It is important to know the national history,” Nazarbayev said.

He said that few children were eager to read books, most of them were occupied with the computer. This is why it was important to establish a holiday celebrating the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate.

“We must pass the story of our ancestors who fought for our land to our children," the President said.

He stressed that Kazakh statehood had a long tradition and that unity was the cement holding any nation together. "Our state has not arisen out of the blue, out of nothing. No matter what region of the country we go, we will not hear a dialect - our language is one. And we have no distinctions in traditions," he said.

He added: "An enemy can win only when the nation is fragmented. In order to preserve the independence given to us by the ancestors, Kazakhstanis should not be divided.”

Earlier this year, Vladimir Putin, president of Kazakhstan’s northern neighbor Russia, praised Nazarbayev for creating a state "in a territory that had never had a state before" and claimed that "the Kazakhs had no statehood" until Nazarbayev established it. This statement raised a rumble among Kazakhs, who felt their history was distorted.

By Dinara Urazova 

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