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Nazarbayev complimented clean villages and remarkable roads in Belarus 16 мая 2012, 15:30

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev insists on building-up the commodities turnover with Belarus to over $1 billion.
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In Belarus village. ©RIA Novosti In Belarus village. ©RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev insists on building-up the commodities turnover with Belarus to over $1 billion, KazTAG reports. “Belarus is our strategic partner, close friend and ally, especially since we are members of the Common Economic Space (CES) and the Customs Union (CU) of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. This makes us even closer in all aspects. I can say that this visit takes our relations to new heights, especially in trade. The volume of commodities turnover has to exceed $1 billion,” Nazarbayev said during the meeting with Belarus President Aleksander Lukashenko on May 14. Kazakhstan President talked about “consistent” dynamics of the meetings of the presidents of both countries and reminded of “the big program of interaction” of Kazakhstan and Belarus. “I arrived with a big desire to get to a new level in all the directions of our economic cooperation,” Nazarbayev said. According to him, major Belarus companies are already working in Kazakhstan. There are 23 service centers as well. “These are BelAZ, MTZ and other companies producing municipal and agricultural vehicles. We currently have 300 joint companies. We expect much from the CU and the CES and that makes our countries closer. There are no closer allies that Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan at the post-Soviet territory,” Kazakhstan President said. “I had a chance to see your well-managed fields, the villagers’ efforts, your clean villages and your remarkable roads. This is the highest level. I sincerely wish Belarus people health and success,” he added. Lukashenko pointed out that Kazakhstan is on the third place in CIS after Russia and Ukraine by the amount of trade with Belarus. “There was the time when we agreed that we would find time every year to meet in Astana or in Minsk to control the course of implementation of our agreements. This brought our commodities turnover closer to $1 billion,” Belarus president said. Lukashenko thanked Nursultan Nazarbayev for the programs under theState Program of Accelerated Industrial-Innovative Development that involve Belarus engineering, agriculture and other companies. “For sure, this gave us an opportunity to increase the commodities turnover and it continues to grow, especially with creation of the Common Economic Space,” he noted. “We will sign several inter-government, inter-state and inter-departmental documents. I have to say that you firmly stick to your words,” Lukashenko said to Nazarbayev.

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