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Majilis calls President Nazarbayev to dissolve them 10 ноября 2011, 13:09

Next year Kazakhstan is entering a new decade since independence (…) it is important to enter this new stage with a renewed Government and Parliament: Majilisman Sabilyanov.
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Majilis © Daniyal Okassov Majilis © Daniyal Okassov
Kazakhstan’s Majilis (lower chamber) has called President Nazarbayev to dissolve the chamber, Majilis deputy Nurtai Sabilyanov announced today. According to him, the Majilis has taken the decision for a number of reasons. “The first reason is that next year we are expecting a new wave of the global financial crisis. Its character and scale are unpredictable and Kazakhstan may be hit. In this context it is important to live through the elections before possible negative events (…) this will enable all the public bodies, the Government and the Parliament to fully concentrate on anti-crisis measures”, Mr. Sabilyanov said. “The second reason is the overall economic instability in the world. Some European economies are experiencing a tough crisis. Thanks to a raft of measures Kazakhstan has been able to maintain stable economic growth and social modernization. Accelerated elections will enable to uphold the trend”, he said. “The third reason is that in 2011 Kazakhstan is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It is an important milestone in the country’s history. Next year Kazakhstan is entering a new stage of its development (…) it is important to enter this new stage with a renewed Government and Parliament”. “Fourthly, the new Parliament is to be formed at least of two political parties. It is reasonable to implement the democratic mechanism”. “Fifthly, next year Kazakhstan is to hold both Majilis and maslikhats elections. It would be reasonable to hold them at the same time, reducing the expenses”. “And the sixth reason is that the Government is implementing a large-scaled Program of Accelerated Innovation-based Industrialization. The Parliament is expected to ensure a favorable legal framework to bolster the Program. Soonest forming of a new Majilis is of paramount importance to have the Program implemented successfully”. “I am sure that the decision will be accepted by both the electorate and the international community as it serves the interests of the nation”, Mr. Sabilyanov said. The address to President Nazarbayev has been signed by 53 Majilismen.

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