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Kazakhstan welcomes Geneva agreement on Ukraine 21 апреля 2014, 17:35

Astana supports the document that includes steps for stabilizing the situation in Ukraine, which was adopted on April 17 in Geneva.
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Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry. Photo © Vladimir Dmitriyev Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry. Photo © Vladimir Dmitriyev

Astana supports the document that contains steps for stabilizing Ukraine adopted on April 17 in Geneva, Tengrinews reports citing the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

The quadrilateral negotiations between Ukraine, Russia, the United States and European Union in Geneva lasted for more than seven hours. As a result, the parties agreed on the necessity to disarm illegal groups, free squares and streets of protesters and declare amnesty.

The Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry called the decision "a sign of wisdom and readiness to constructively resolve disagreements". “We hope that these arrangements will be the beginning on a path towards reconciliation and stabilization. We support these arrangements and hope that all the parties will continue practicing tolerance and wisdom. To the extent possible and when needed we are ready to support the efforts of the parties," Kazakhstan's statement.

A representative of Kazakhstan is part of the OSCE Monitoring Mission in Ukraine. Kazakhstan also intends to participate in the observation of elections in this country as part of the relevant OSCE delegation.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov previously announced that the Geneva document called for an immediate start of talks between all of the country’s regions in a constitutional manner, and said that recognition by all the parties that the crisis "should be settled by Ukrainians themselves” was the main achievement of the Geneva negotiations. Ukrainians themselves should deal with disagreements over detention of protesters, lifting occupation from various buildings and squares, and in the long run start a constitutional reform, he said, adding that Russia had no intention of sending troops to Ukraine.

The statements of the Russian Minister and the position of the Kazakhstani Ministry are coherent with the stand taken by Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbayev on April 18 when he asserted that the people of Ukraine had to solve the crisis without outside interference. 

"We are sure that the Ukrainian people should solve their internal problems without outside interference through peaceful negotiations with all the parties (to the conflict),” Nazarbayev stated during the session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan last week.


Writing by Dinara Urazova 


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