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Kazakhstan supports applications of observer-states to enter SCO 11 мая 2012, 18:33

Kazakhstan has voiced its support calling to consider the applications of observer-countries for entering the SCO.
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Flags of SCO member-states. ©RIA Novosti Flags of SCO member-states. ©RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan has voiced its support calling to consider the applications of observer-countries for entering the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov as saying at the meeting of SCO Foreign Ministers Council. “Kazakhstan is calling for more active involvement of the observer-countries and dialog partners in SCO activities. It has been 8 years since acceptance of the first observer (Mongolia entered the SCO in 2004 in Tashkent; India, Iran and Pakistan were admitted in 2005 in Astana) and 3 years since acceptance of the first dialog partners (Belarus and Sri-Lanka entered the SCO in 2009 in Yekaterinburg). Unfortunately, the potential of this format has not been fully used during this period and participation of these countries in SCO activities remains formal only. “Lately they have been more frequently talking about the intention to more actively interact under the SCO. Some of them have submitted requests asking to upgrade their status. We suppose that the time has come to start reviewing their applications in line with the regulatory documents of SCO. “Kazakhstan also supports Turkey’s intention to get the status of SCO dialog partner,” Kazykhanov said. Besides, Kazakhstan once again confirmed its interest in stable and sustainable development of Afghanistan. “We suppose that the global community and the UN have to play a more active role in political regulation and economic restoration of Afghanistan in close cooperation with its government,” the Minister noted. Kazykhanov also expressed an opinion that responsibility for reforms and effective use of external financial aid has to be borne by Afghan government under a close monitoring of the international community. “Further development of the situation in Afghanistan will depend on the impact on the country’s reconstruction by its participants, including the SCO member-states and observers that are close neighbors of Afghanistan. Kazakhstan Foreign Minister noted that admitting Afghanistan to the SCO in observer status will help enhance economic and humanitarian cooperation with this country. As for the situation around Iran, Kazakhstan’s position has not changed: it supports only peaceful settling of the issue solely by diplomatic methods. “Attempts of its forceful resolution may cause unpredictable geopolitical, economic and ecological consequences. Supporting Tehran’s right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, we call for transparency of Iran’s nuclear activities and their performance in compliance with the regulations and under control of the IAEA,” Kazykhanov said. Besides, Astana is ready to supply a platform for the negotiation process in Five Plus One format. Being the chairman of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, Kazakhstan is paying a close attention to the situation in Syria. “The activities of the international community have to contribute to relieving tensions, establishing political dialog and provision of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people. Instead of complicating the problem, such actions have to be aimed at achieving a settled peace and sustainability in this country and the region in general,” Kazykhanov stated. By Maksim Popov

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