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Kazakhstan hopes to join WTO this year 16 февраля 2015, 21:59

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan declared that the country may become member of the WTO this year.
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Photo courtesy of cont.ws Photo courtesy of cont.ws

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan hopes that the process of accession of our country to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will be completed this year, Tengrinews correspondent reports.

This is what Kazakh Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrissov said at today’s governmental meeting in the Parliament’s lower chamber, the Majilis.

"The Eurasian Union does not mean that we are limiting ourselves only to this project. We are working in different directions, as evidenced by the successful completion of negotiations last year with the European Union to enhance partnership and cooperation and on Kazakhstan's accession into the WTO. We hope that both processes will be completed this year,” Idrissov said.

"On January 20 this year, we initialed the text of the agreement with the EU and we hope that this year, after a complicated bureaucratic procedure involving 28 EU member countries, we will be able to sign this agreement and begin working along its lines," he said.

The Minister pointed out the great importance of the WTO for Kazakhstan. He said that it was significant not only economically but also politically.

"This is a balancer of our global economic relations. Through the WTO, we will get access to an extensive global trading system, to its standards, rules and regulations. These same rules and regulations will apply to Kazakhstan in trade with other countries. So for us the WTO is a signifier of growth, which we are consistently working towards," he said.

Reporting by Altynai Zhumzhumina, writing by Dinara Urazova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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