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Kazakhstan between Pakistan and Rwanda by press freedom 01 февраля 2013, 00:29

Kazakhstan lost six lines in the Press Freedom ranking dropping to the 160th place in the 2012 list.
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Reporters wthout Borders International organization Reporters wthout Borders International organization
Kazakhstan moved down to the 160th line in the 2012 Press Freedom ranking that is annually made by Reporters Without Borders (RWB), Interfax-Kazakhstan reports. The document says that assassination attempts, intimidation and arrests of independent journalists took place in Kazakhstan during this year. In the end the main opposition media outlets were closed. Kazakhstan lost six lines in the ranking, earlier the country used to be ranked 154th. Kazakhstan is now ranked between Pakistan (the 159th line) and Rwanda (161st) in the ranking. Other post soviet countries hold various positions around Kazakhstan in the rating: Russia is 148th (- 6 lines), Azerbaijan is 156th (+6 lines) and Belarus is 157th (+11 lines). Uzbekistan lost 7 lines and is ranked 164th at present. Turkmenistan kept its 177th line, Kyrgyzstan moved 2 lines up and is 106th now, Tajikistan lost one line and is ranked 123rd. Estonia (11th line), Lithuania (33rd line) and Latvia (39th line) have the best standings among the post soviet countries. Finland is the leader of the list. It is followed by the Netherlands, Norway and Luxembourg. The USA moved 15 lines up and is ranked 32nd. Somali, Syria, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea are the outsiders of the ranking. These countries are at the 175th – 179th lines.

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