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Iran might join SCO 01 июня 2011, 17:46

Sergey Lavrov said that Iran may apply for participation in the SCO, if the UN Security Council sanctions are lifted.
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Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev©
In a meeting with his Kazakhstan counterpart Yerzhan Kazykhanov Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Iran may claim for participation in the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), if it has UN Security Council sanctions lifted, Tengrinews.kz reports. “The subject of the SCO expansion is very relevant today. It reflects the interest to the organization from other countries. There is a group of countries that want to become the SCO members, move from the observers category to full membership. There is another group of countries that want to join the SCO in one form or another, some are using the opportunities provided not only by the observer status, but also by the partner status. All these requests are being reviewed. The Presidents will meet in Astana on June 15 and will review the document on the new countries joining the SCO. The document is almost ready. As for Iran, the membership criteria stipulates that the countries willing to join the SCO cannot be under UN Security Council's sanctions. If the sanctions are lifted, Iran may join the SCO,” Lavrov said.

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