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British Ambassador to Kazakhstan visits Aktau 01 декабря 2014, 16:18

The British Ambassador to Kazakhstan has visited Aktau to discuss prospects of British companies for expanding their activities in Mangistau region.
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Photo courtesy of Kadyrbek Aidaruly/lada.kz Photo courtesy of Kadyrbek Aidaruly/lada.kz

British Ambassador to Kazakhstan Carolyn Browne has met with the Governor of Aktau Yedil Zhanbyrshin to discuss prospects of British firms developing their activities in the region, Tengrinews reports citing Lada.

It was Browne’s first visit to Aktau, an oil city in Kazakhstan's west. She said that the main reason for the visit was to discuss the prospects of British firms in Aktau.

"We want to find out whether there are prospects here not only in the oil and gas sector, but beyond that as well. There is an interest of British companies in the development of oil and gas. We met with representatives of several major companies and learnt their views on the future of the region. It is my impression that there are possibilities for developing education and studying of the English language precisely here in Mangistau. The ports of Aktau, Bautino and Kuryk, Kenderly resort allow attracting British firms here. This is the first visit but not the last," the Ambassador declared.

The British Ambassador named two factors that determined attractiveness of Aktau for investments. "The first factor is availability of opportunities for (British) companies' development in Aktau," she said, adding that there were other alternatives in the world, however. "There are British companies that are interested in development and growth of Kazakhstan. But there are other interesting opportunities, too, like in Vietnam," Ambassador Browne said.   

"The second factor has to do with specific sectors. The UK has a big experience in the oil and gas industry. And we are also talking about developing tourism in Mangistau (western Kazakhstan and the Caspian Sea). I think we have ample opportunities for development,  but we are not the only country in the world that can share its experience in this area. I know that foreign investors are queueing up for it,” she said.

"As for us, we will decide which are the most profitable and priority sectors for British companies here in Aktau," Ambassador Browne said.

The Mayor of Aktau Yedil Zhanbyrshin also shared his ideas about development of the city. In the end of the meeting he invited Carolyn Browne to visit holy places of Mantistau during her next visit.

Writing by Dinara Urazova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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