There will be 6 times less politics in Kazakhstan

05 ноября 2012, 15:51
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The number of Kazakhstan’s political state workers will be slashed down to 538 people, writes citing deputy head of Kazakhstan Presidential Administration Bauyrzhan Baibek. The measure will help ensure professional development of the whole state service and build upon the global experience in personnel policies.

“A compromise for the public service reform has been found and the government has submitted the draft law today. This reform is very important. The number of the political personnel will be decreased 6.5-fold: from 3,277 to 538 people. That means that there will be much less political personnel,” Baibek said.

Chairman of the State Service Agency Alikhan Baimenov talked about the changes among political state workers earlier. “The balance between political and administrative state workers will be changed,” he said.

According to him, Kazakhstan Economic Development Ministry is currently performing the functional analysis to optimize distribution of the human resources between state authorities.

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