No Arab Spring looms over Kazakhstan: US Ambassador

07 февраля 2012, 15:30
U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kenneth J. Fairfax. Photo by Maksim Popov©
U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kenneth J. Fairfax. Photo by Maksim Popov©
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
There will be no Arab Spring in Kazakhstan, U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kenneth J. Fairfax told the journalists after his lecture at Kazakhstan President’s Academy of State Management, reports.

“I don’t see such course of events, I cannot even imagine it, because the situations in these two countries are very different. The thing is that President Nazarbayev is extremely popular in this country. If you take Libya and Kadhafi, he was extremely unpopular in his country. I don’t see anything in common in that. And people who make comparisons or assume such course of events, either don’t know anything about the situation in Kazakhstan or have no idea about the situation in Libya or know nothing about both countries,” Fairfax said.

As for the current situation in Syria, the Ambassador considers Bashar al-Assad as unpopular in his country, as Kadhafi in Libya. Fairfax noted that this is not only his opinion but the opinion of the Arab League working on imposing sanctions on Syria and pushing the country’s management to make changes.

“The U.S. closely work with the Arab League and we fully support their initiatives in this direction: in both what they do and what their neighbors do to change the situation. We fully support them as well,” he said stating the United States' position.

According to him, this support goes beyond the League as well. The Ambassador reminded about recent voting of the UN Security Council on the Syrian issue. “13 countries voted for (imposing sanctions) and the Islamic countries were among them. Only two countries voted against the sanctions: Russia and China. They vetoed the sanctions and this veto is, of course, very disappointing,” Fairfax said.

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