Eurasian Economic Union is not a secret plan cherished by Vladimir Putin: Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister

02 июня 2014, 16:38

Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrissov has met heads of diplomatic missions and representatives of international organizations to brief them on the essence of the Agreement to launch the Eurasian Economic Union.

“Stanford analysts point out the new Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) will be playing off against the EU. That is not the case. We seek partnership with the EU in trade and investments. The EEU’s policy is very clear and transparent”, he said.

According to him, leaders of the three member states [Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus] see the newly established entity as closely cooperating with the EU and China.

“I am asking you to stay away from speculations (…) there is a speculation that reportedly the member states have taken certain political obligations (…) there are no grounds for such fears. We have joined efforts to secure a better future for the participating nations. Leaders of the member states have agreed that economy will be the major realm for concerted efforts. We have agreed to focus on economic aspects”, the Minister said.

“Some suppose it has been a secret plan of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, to revive the USSR. I believe the three leaders have been clear in their statements: there is no conspiracy, no hidden agenda”, he said.

The only plan is not to lag behind the global economic trends, to gain strength against the backdrop of the lingering economic crisis, to improve the standards of living, according to him.

“There is no room for fears that the member states may lose their political sovereignty or experience political dominance of any of the states over the other (…) otherwise no nation would have joined the union”, he summed up.

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