Assembly of the People suggests holding early presidential election in Kazakhstan

16 февраля 2015, 10:32
Central Election Committee. ©
Central Election Committee. ©

The Board of the Kazakhstan’s Assembly of the People held a sitting February 14 in the Astana-based Palace of Peace and Accord. At the sitting the Board expressed its unanimous support to multiple individuals lodging suggestions and requests to hold an early presidential election in Kazakhstan, according to Kazinform News Agency.

According to the Board members, amidst the intensifying global economic crisis an early election would enable to efficiently implement the Nurly-Zhol anti-crisis program and to further pursue the long-term priorities set by the Kazakhstan-2050 National Development Strategy.

Following the sitting, the Board formulated an Appeal to the deputies representing the Assembly of the People in the country’s Majilis (lower chamber) requesting them to put forward a formal suggestion to hold an early presidential election in Kazakhstan.

“In this tough period we urge all Kazakhstanis to get united around Nursultan Nazarbayev, the current country leader. It is important to ensure through an early election further economic growth and consistency of the policy. There are no alternatives to this initiative. Besides, 2016 is the year of both presidential and parliamentary elections. It is reasonable to hold the two elections in different times to make sure all the constitutional norms are fully respected”, the Appeal reads.

Kazakhstan held its latest presidential election in 2011. The snap election was called for April 3. Kazakhstan’s residents voted in 9725 polling stations. With 95.55% of the votes, Nursultan Nazarbayev was a clear-cut winner. Back in 2007 the country’s Parliament vested him with the right to run for the presidential post for an unlimited number of times.

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