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Will you marry me? Original proposal in Kostanay 10 февраля 2014, 01:19

Maksim Yastrebov, 25 had his own idea of an original proposal.
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Maksim and Irina. Photo courtesy of Maksim and Irina Maksim and Irina. Photo courtesy of Maksim and Irina
One knee and an engagement ring is a classic. But a recent trend for surprising and memorable proposals certainly makes it difficult for love struck men to impress their dearest. Maksim Yastrebov, 25 had his own idea of an original proposal. The Kostanay romantic told Tengrinews about the idea and preparations for it. Irina, Maksim’s beloved, was in a movie theater waiting for the movie to begin. A video that looked like any other pre-show advertisement started on the screen. It all started with the making of an engagement ring. The ring traveled from the hands of a goldsmith to the Kostanay jewelry shop where a young man bought it. He was hurrying on a date with his precious one, but on his way the hero encountered a number of temptations. An alluring sexy girl and a beer party with friends could not stop the determined young man. He finally made it to the door to a movie theater and started opening the door. “Are you ready, my love?” it said on the screen. And then the real Maxim entered the auditorium with flowers and the precious red velvet box. He found Irina in the crowd and proposed on one knee. And she nodded in agreement overwhelmed with emotions. It took a great deal of imagination, help from friends and three days to make the video. “After the concept was ready, I turned to the administration of Arman movie theater. They thought about it and liked my idea. On that day, the administration was helping me a lot with the realization of my “cunning plan”, and I very grateful to them for this,” the young man said. A proposal can be original, surprising or at-home. The main ingredient in the recipe for a really touching proposal is putting your heart into it. If the upcoming Valentine’s day gives you courage or a wish to tie knots with your dearest ones, go for it. Happy upcoming Valentine’s day to all Tengrinews readers. By Gyuzel Kamalova

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