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Three more people escape from slavery in Kazakhstan 10 марта 2014, 19:29

The story of a Karaganda resident Vladimir Galkin, who told that he was kept in slavery for about 12 year on a remote farm, has got a continuation.
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Photo courtesy of nv.kz Photo courtesy of nv.kz
Three more people have managed to escape from captivity on a remote farm in central Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing Noviy Vestnik newspaper. This continues the story of the Karaganda resident Vladimir Galkin, who was allegedly kept in slavery on a remote farm in Karkaralinsk region for about 12 year and then managed to run away. The farm belongs to some man named Amantai. Dinara Sharipova, Victor Yampolsky and Oleg who chose not to give his surname, all three took advantage of the farmer's absence and escaped. They walked through the surrounding steppe, same as Vladimir did, searching for a highway. The runaways were eventually taken to the hospital with freezing injuries. "The woman has skin necrosis; she will need a plastic surgery later on. The men also have freeze burns on their faces and there is still a risk that their will need fingers ablation," Vasily Mokrenko, a doctor at Makazhanova Hospital, said. According to Dinara Sharipova, she was kidnapped together with her husband. "We were on our way to Uralsk from Almaty. We were robbed at a railway station in Karaganda. Our IDs and all our money were stollen. We were in the city for three days, when some strangers offered us to make some money. We agreed to work for a month and it seemed they accepted our conditions. But when the month was over they didn't pay us anything and refused to let us go. We were working from 6 a.m. till the midnight carrying hay and tending cattle, and got almost nothing to eat," the woman said. According to Viktor Yampolsky, who worked in a winter shepherd camp for one year, he was paid 30 thousand tenge ($162) only once. After that the farmer started treating him as his property, too. The police has questioned the escapers and started the investigation. Meanwhile the 53-y.o. Vladimir Galkin of Karaganda, who told the journalists about his ordeal, has gone missing. According to Criminalnye Novosti newspaper, two days after the interview, the man was discharged from the hospital and then disappeared. It may be very hard or even impossible to find him, because he has no ID and his place of resident is not known. This complicates the investigation for the police.

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