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So you think you can dance and fall in love? Kazakhstan star in Ukrainian Everybody Dance show 27 января 2014, 13:09

The finalist of the Everybody Dance show from Kazakhstan shares his experience and plans.
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Photo © Victoria Filipenko Photo © Victoria Filipenko
The 6th Season of Ukrainian Everybody Dance! has announced its winner. But the dimmed stage lights and the faded echoes from the applause do not mean the end of the journey for the dancers. The finalist to the Ukrainian version of the American So You Think You Can Dance from Kazakhstan Dmitriy Schebet shared his experience as a finalist of the show and his future plans with Tengrinews. Dmitriy Schebet who won the third place in the Everybody Dance! is the first Kazakhstani to get into the finals of the Ukrainian dancing show. It was not an easy road to success for the 21 y.o dancer from Ridder. Dmitry did not get into the top 100 after the first trial, but was given a chance to prove himself in the evening audition. The judges of the show did not regret giving the young dancer a chance and Dmitriy’s dancing was impressing the audience during 4 months of the show. After the show, Dmitry received several proposals. He has already been filmed in a music video of Russian extravagant dancer/singer Boris Moiseev shot in Kiev. Dmitriy’s busy schedule is occupied with master-classes and performances. “After the non-stop training and rehearsals at Everybody Dance! I have tons of energy and a habit of working non-stop and I want to channel it to self-development and helping others. I want the upcoming master-classes to give a boost to the dance industry in the post soviet space (…),” Schebet said in the interview. Dancing experience is not the only value Schebet got from the show. He also found his love Elena. Elena Golovan, 19, one of the participants of the show, confessed her love in a truly dancer’s manner, though her solo routine. “This solo routine was vital for me. It hurts to think that Kazakhstan and Ukraine are a little bit too far away. (…) I want him to understand it is not just a flirt, ” she said in her Everybody Dance! interview. The dance confession marked the beginning of the love story between the two young dancers. They decided not to change their places of residency. Both are solid about their long distance relation. “Neither of us is going to change their citizenship for now. Lena is my anchor, support, and not only in terms of relationship but also in my work. She has a business acumen that I lack. She will be with me during all my master-classes. (…) I’m 21 and she is 19, we have our whole lives ahead of us,” Schebet concluded optimistically.

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