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PHOTO: Zhumayev nearly fell off a precipice when climbing Austrian mountain 17 октября 2012, 13:19

Famous Kazakhstan climber Maksut Zhumayev climbed the mountain and planted the flag, although a dangerous incident occurred during the ascent.
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Maksut Zhumayev. Personal archive photo Maksut Zhumayev. Personal archive photo
Famous Kazakhstan mountain climber Maksut Zhumayev who conquered all eight-thousanders of the planet without oxygen nearly off a precipice during his ascent of the Grossglockner, the tallest mountain in Austria, Tengrinews.kz reports. Earlier Zhumayev said that he was going to dedicate this joint ascent of Kazakhstan and Austrian climbers to the football match that was between Kazakhstan and Austrian football teams held on October 16. According to the climber, they successfully climbed the mountain and he planted the flag of Kazakhstan, but a dangerous incident occurred during the ascent even in spite the unexpectedly fine weather. “There are climbing pegs along the route for setting up belays. I was rope-tied with a guide and gripped on this iron peg with my hand. I pulled myself closer to the rock and wanted to tackle it with my other hand, but the peg turned out to be too short. When I was gripping with my other hand I found that the peg just weren't there. I nearly fell down backwards, but the guide held me. That was really close,” Zhumayev said. According to the Kazakhstan climber, the route was not difficult and the group was lucky with the weather, in spite of bad forecasts. “I can say that everything went well. But when we were descending, we saw a rescue helicopter taking down two climbers - a guy and a girl from another peak with the help of a rope. So in spite of the good weather some emergencies still happen,” he said. Zhumayev arrived to Austria in the beginning of October to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and Partnership with Austrian Alpine Community. The Agreement will be signed as part of the official visit of Nursultan Nazarbayev to Austria on October 22-23. The Kazakhstan climber also hopes to present his tourism development project to the presidents of the two countries. “Several stands will be mounted for the meeting. Austrian and Kazakhstan representatives will be telling about their joint projects. This meeting can become a life altering milestone for development of the projects. My project is a new step towards development of tourism in Kazakhstan,” Zhumayev said. By Daniyar Bozov

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